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The Most Important Thing To Remember When Booking A Magician To Ensure Your Event Is A Success

Lets be honest everyone wants their event to be a success. Whether you are booking a wedding, a corporate event or a private party you want it do be amazing! Nobody plans an event and thinks to themselves ‘well I want this to be a real flop’. It just doesn’t happen. There are hundreds of blogs written about how to ensure the success of an event (we have published several ourselves). However, in our opinion THE most important thing you can do is to make sure your event is unique and as different as possible.

Think about it for a minute! How many events have you been to that look and feel exactly the same? These days the best way to make people remember your event it to make it unique. For example...

However, if you are going to make an event unique everything has to be different including the entertainment. Hiring a close up magician has become very popular among event and party planners. The reason is simple; Close up magic is a unique and unobtrusive way of making sure that your guests have the WOW Factor. You can read more about why you should book a close up magician for your event by CLICKING HERE. However, the most important thing is that the magic that is performed has to be unique. Let us just say that again. 👇

We wrote a blog recently about this subject. We talked about how card magic can be boring if all your performer is doing is card tricks. You can read this blog by CLICKING HERE. However, it goes beyond just card tricks. The magic performed at your event must be something that people have never seen before; Lets be honest there are thousands of coin tricks and card tricks and tricks with cups and balls. One of the reasons clients book us again and again is because we deliver a truly unique experience that your guests won’t have seen before.

Watch this video as an example. It’s an IGTV Video (by the way if you don’t follow us on IGTV you should). We upload daily Office Magic videos of various Slightly Unusual members performing magic in our Head Office. In this video our founder Craig Petty performs some magic with a pair of socks! 👇

Now be honest when was the last time you saw a magician perform magic with a pair of socks! It doesn’t really happen. We can guarantee that your guests will remember this magic trick a lot longer than a standard trick with a deck of cards. It’s funny, it’s different and it’s something that everyone wants to talk about. It’s why the video got thousands of views on our Facebook!

The key point here is to remember that when you are planning an event if you want it to stand out make it unique. And if it is going to be unique make sure everything about the event is unique right down to the entertainment. We would be happy to speak to you about how we can make your event truly different. Just click on the link below and fill in the form and we will get back to you ASAP.


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