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How To Make Sure You Get The BEST Magician For Your Event

We have written several blogs over the last few years about why you should have a magician at your event. There are lots of reasons to book a magician. You can read about why you should book close up magic by CLICKING HERE. You can read more about why you should book a stage show by CLICKING HERE. You can read about why you should book Slightly Unusual by CLICKING HERE.

However, this blog is all about making sure you book the best magician for your event. As you probably know we have a number of magicians that you can book. Our magicians are some of the best in the UK. You can check out our roster of magicians by CLICKING HERE.

So let’s assume you have decided to book a magician (good move). And let’s also assume you have decided to book Slightly Unusual (even better move!). How do you decide which magician to book for your event? There are 3 questions you have to ask yourself.


The most important question to ask is what type of magic do YOU like? When the event is a wedding or a private party then the most important thing is consider what you enjoy. There is no point booking a mind reader for example if you don’t particularly like mind reading. The magician you book should be able to perform the type of magic you enjoy as long as you enjoy it your guests will as well.

The only time where this isn’t the case is when you are an event planner booking entertainment for a corporate event. Normally in this situation you would have to take your clients tastes and expectations into consideration. For example, if your client loves pick pocketing then you want to make sure you book a magician that is able to pick some pockets.


You want to make sure that the magician that you are booking is capable of performing magic that will work for the type of people you are inviting. Let me give you a couple of examples.

If you are booking a magician for a wedding and you have invited kids then you need to make sure the magician can perform for adults and kids. They will need to be able to adapt their set depending on whether they are performing for kids, teenagers or adults.

We took a booking recently for a Christmas party for a company at that creates digital products. They ended up booking Craig, Alex and Nemed because all three of those performers specialise in Digital Magic. They can perform many routines with phones and iPads. They can pull things out of Instagram feeds for example. This is perfect for the type of person that would be at a digital product company Christmas party.

The point to take from this is think about he type of person is at your event and the type of magic they would enjoy. Then make sure that the close up magician you hire is capable of pulling this off. Simple really.


What type of performer do you like to watch? Do you like a magician that is loud and tells lots of jokes? Do you like a magician that plays it very straight (like Dynamo)? Do you like a performer that is mysterious (like Derren Brown)? A magicians performing style is as important as the tricks that they perform.

The way to decide whether a magicians performance style fits your event is to watch full unedited performances of them in action. A lot of magicians just have showreels on their website which are generally made up of short performance clips. This generally won’t give you the information you need to make an informed decision. You need to watch full unedited performances. Watch them in action. We also do #OFFICEMAGIC videos everyday on our Instagram page! We give you a good understanding on How our magicians interact with their audiences, Do they make the audience feel alive & most importantly do you find the performances interesting or boring?

On our magicians page on our website we have full unedited videos of all our magicians. You can watch their style, the type of magic they perform and see what is best for you. If you like card magic for example Daniel is the best option. If you like coin magic, Craig and Nemed are your best options. If you like mind reading Steve, Paul.N and Si are perfect. We have lots of different options.

To be honest the best thing is to decide what you are looking for and then give us a call. We can guide you through the process and advise you on the best options for your event. Alternatively click the banner below and fill in the contact form. We will get back to you with a no obligation consultation.