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Why You Should Hire A Magician For Your Wedding | Magicians For Weddings 2022

Now that social restrictions have ended, you've probably decided to go ahead and continue with your wedding plans. A lot of events were forced to cancel because of the pandemic but now we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. It won't be long until everything has returned to normal. Now is the best time to go ahead and resume your wedding plans.

Why You Should Hire A Magician For Your Wedding | Magicians For Weddings 2022

Your wedding day is very special and one of the most important days of your life. But you also want to make your guests have a great experience as well. Friends & family from both sides will be attending and mixing together throughout the day. What better way to have everyone get to know each other than having a wedding magician entertain your guests?

Wedding Magicians Fill The Silence

There's no denying most of your guests don't all know each other personally. Families of both sides could be meeting for the first time (e.g the Bride & Groom's parents) and then you have friends joining as well. All kinds of people will be at your wedding. Instead of having one big awkward gathering, allow your wedding magician to help facilitate the meet and greet.

While the Bride and Groom are off taking pictures with the photographer your magician can work a room like no other entertainment service. They will wander the crowd at will. Everyone gathers around and has a great time. The magician performs tricks that will leave all of your guests laughing and interacting throughout the ceremony.

Your Guests Aren't Just Guests

Other than the Bride & Groom, Groomsmen and Bridesmaids, your guests spend most of the day as spectators. If you hire a magician for your wedding they will make your guests into participants. Your magician brings everyone into the show and makes them feel part of the experience. A wedding magician works the crowd and makes everyone feel they are more than just guests. No one will be sitting around doing nothing.

Magicians Are Adaptable

A big advantage magicians have in comparison to a DJ and the band is their ability to adapt to the environment. We live in the UK and even on the warmest of days we could have an unexpected rainstorm. If you have an outdoor wedding and it begins to rain, the band has to close up the show. But a magician can make the best of it and continue entertaining everyone despite the unforeseen circumstances. One of the great things about being a close up magician is the ability to adapt on the spot.

An Icebreaker Between Guests

As we mentioned before none of your guests will know each other. What better way to break the ice between everyone than to get involved in the magic. Instead of being distance observers, your magician invites everyone to participate and become part of the action. When everyone shares an experience that inspires a reaction, everyone enjoys the moment together. Magic offers a shared experience that everyone can enjoy as well as create a common talking point between your guests. The conversations get flowing and everyone has a great time.

Cover For Any Delays

You can plan the perfect wedding day but you never know when the unexpected circumstances might follow. Some of your guests could be stuck in traffic, there's not enough place settings around the tables and much more. Not to worry because you can simply hang back and let your magician carry on performing for everyone. Everyone will be so entwined with their performance that they won't even realise the delay time has passed.

Magicians For Weddings Are Here To Help

The fact of the matter is you need a magician for your wedding. They take care of all the entertainment and leave everyone with an experience that will be talked about for years. Slightly Unusual have provided magicians for weddings at thousands of events. We truly bring the WOW factor that everyone will love. Check out our wedding packages and contact our head office when you are ready to secure your wedding magician. Send in a contact form for a no obligation consultation or call us on 0333 301 3001.


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