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How To Run a Successful Team Building Event

8 Innovative Ideas for Successful Team Building Events

Organising a “team building event” is a big responsibility. On behalf of Slightly Unusual I run dozens of team building events each year. Our 'Become An Illusionist' Team Building sessions are very popular. One of the key things we try to do is make every event we run memorable. Memorable not just for the delegates but for everybody involved in the day. You want the session to be fun and yet at the same time challenging.

If you have not seen what our team building concept is all about watch the video below which was show live at a recent team day near London

This post is about ideas you can use to make your team event a well-planned and memorable success. 1. Set the Tone With an Inspiring Theme:

Telegraph the tone and purpose of your event with a theme that hits the mark. “The Fifth Annual Team building Program” is not going to excite many participants. Our “Become an Illusionist Team Building” or something similar is certainly going to intrigue and excite your employees. 2. Prime the Pump for Full Participation:

Use internal communications to get everyone interested and ready for the event. Use memos, bulletin boards, posters and internal meetings to arouse people’s curiosity. You might circulate a list of objectives and issues for the meeting. You might conduct a survey prior to the meeting, announcing actual results during the program.

3. Conduct the Program Off-Site:

Major team building programs are frequently conducted “off-site”. This allows participants to get away from the workplace physically (minimising disruptions) and mentally (opening their thinking to new points of view). 4. Use a Mix of Energy, Enterprise and Entertainment:

a group of people cheering with a balloon model done at a team building event

Stimulate interest and get involvement by using a full range of team building activities. You may have “hard work” sections with speeches about the future and workshops on current business problems. You may have “play hard” sections with team games and outdoor challenges. You may include social ingredients through mealtime activities, awards and entertainment. Be sure your range of activities are well-sequenced throughout the day and evening. Be especially careful to follow lunches with activity, and to end your program on a note of confidence and commitment. 5. Allow Enough Time to Process, Discuss and Apply

Allow enough time between each activity for discussion, learning and application back to the job. It’s better to have a full day with two team building games and enough time for discussion, than a “stuffed” day with three or four games with little time for reflection.

6. Use Photographs and Video to Extend the Program’s Impact:

Hire a photographer and/or videographer to document your team building program. Give copies of photographs to participants after the event. Post the best photographs on your bulletin boards, in the cafeteria, or publish them in the company newsletter. If you put them up on your company’s website, then staff’s family members can view them from home. Have the videotape edited with music and some snappy graphics. Show this short but entertaining vignette at another company meeting, social gathering, dinner and dance, etc.

7. Get Personal:

magicians perform stage magic for a women in a yellow dress at a tea building event

Make sure everyone sees the link between “group team building” and “individual actions” on the job. Have each person complete a commitment card, action planning list, personal promise statement or some other vehicle to ensure application of appropriate new behaviours. Closing a team building program by having everyone share their list is a good way to gain buy-in from individuals, and the entire group.

8. Reward the Organisers:

Planning and preparing a team building program is a major undertaking. Be sure to give recognition to those who did the work “behind the scenes”. A small but thoughtful gift, given in front of everyone at the end of the program, will be appreciated and remembered.

I hope this helps. Remember if you ever need a really unique team day feel free to contact me about Slightly Unusual running one of our team days for you.

CTA banner in blue and red with deck of cards done for a slightly unusual magician blog


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