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Why Magicians Are The Best Choice For Your Event | Corporate Entertainment With Slightly Unusual 202

One thing everyone can agree on is magic. Everyone loves to be left speechless as they watch a professional magician perform tricks that are out of this world. There's something enchanting about watching a magician perform feats that are impossible. Imagine watching their hands the whole time as they perform card magic, only for your selected card to somehow appear behind the back of your ear.

Why Magicians Are The Best Choice For Your Event | Corporate Entertainment With Slightly Unusual 2021

No matter what your event is, a close up magician is just what you need. They're perfect for weddings, corporate parties, trades shows, team building and many more types of events. If you've experienced Slightly Unusual performing for your event in the past, you will know exactly what we mean. If you're new to magic and unsure what qualities a magician brings to your event, let's take a look in today's blog.

An Experience Like No Other

Chances are yourself and many others have attended hundreds of events in the past. But ask yourself which event stuck out the most? We're guessing the one that included entertainment. A magician's job is to make an unforgettable experience. Their role is to keep the audience engaged and booked on every single trick they perform. Long after the event has ended, they will still be talking about their favourite trick, trying to work out how their trick was performed. The experience really stands out compared to the rest.

Up Close & Personal Experience

Unlike a stage performer who is limited to a single position, corporate entertainment magicians have the opportunity to get up close and personal. The sleight of hand tricks they perform gather everyone's attention and make the experience very personal. Their role is to draw a crowd eager to see their performances. Everyone will feel special as the magician has made the experience very personal to them. It helps guests become more than just spectators. They are literally part of the show.

Suitable For Anywhere & Anyone

No two events are ever the same. You have the event's theme, the purpose of said event, the audience sign and much more. Magicians come from a range of different talents and skills. The reason clients book Slightly Unusual for their event is because we can tailor to any type of event. We've done weddings, corporate shows, team building and more. We've even had the opportunity to perform with a lot of well-known celebrities.

Audiences come in all shapes and sizes. Business leaders, executive clients, employees, etc. A professional magician can easily adapt to their audience. These performers leave their guests awestruck as they perform personal tricks. It's also a great way for everyone to bond. Let's take your wedding day. You will have guests from both the Bride and Groom's side who probably aren't familiar with each other. Magic gives the opportunity for everyone to bond as they exchange their experiences with their entertainment.

Who Doesn't Enjoy Magic?

As we mentioned at the beginning, everyone loves close up magicians. With years of experience on their hands, they have the talent to fool even the most observant guests. At Slightly Unusual we have provided magicians to thousands of events throughout the years. Now that social restrictions within England have been removed, the country is finally experiencing a sense of normality again. To secure us for your corporate entertainment, send in an enquiry form using the banner below and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation & quote. Or you can call our head office directly on 0333 301 3001. We look forward to your call.


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