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Magicians For Hire 2022 | Entertainment For Your Corporate Event

2021 is over. A brand new year begins. With no plans for further social restrictions within the UK, we see 2022 is being our busiest year yet. There are thousands of private & corporate events taking place throughout the year. There's weddings, team building, corporate parties, trade shows and further more.

Magicians For Hire 2022 | Entertainment For Your Corporate Event

With 2022 being a very busy time for us, now is the time to go ahead and secure magicians for hire to attend your event. The entertainment industry as a whole are in very high demand since COVID restrictions ended within he UK. More people than ever before are seeking to secure one of our incredible magicians to perform at their event.

We do our best to accommodate everyone we can, but the fact of the matter remains we are quickly filling up our slots. Some clients have secured us for December this year. That's a whole 12 months away. That's how busy we are. If you are unfamiliar with the services we offer, not to worry because we're going to break them down for you in today's post.

Close Up Magic

If you're ready to provide a one in a life time experience for your upcoming private event, Slightly Unusual are here to provide close up magic for your guest's entertainment. Our amazing magicians gather everyone around to mix and mingle as they perform magic that will leave your guests in awestruck. Whether you're standing around or seated around a table, we will leave an impression that will be talked about for years.

Just imagine on shocked your guests will look as Slightly Unusual bend borrowed coins and cutlery, make borrowed objects float into the air, make full sided bottles of champagne appear and much more. The close up magic we perform leaves everyone thinking, "How the heck did they do that?" The thrill of not knowing makes them want to see more as they're further entertained. A close up magician is just what you need to make your party event perfect. We will take care of everything from an entertainment perspective. You won't have to worry about anything.


Cabaret magic shows are the perfect concept for clients looking to have a corporate event on a smaller scaler. Our cabaret show combines comedy, audience interaction and custom smaller designed illusion into one amazing package. If you are hosting an event and you really want to make sure the WOW factor to your party, look no further than this brilliant package.

The Cabaret While close up magic provides a fantastic experience, there is something really special about having all of your guests come together to watch a show that provides a one in a life time experience. In the past, our clients usually have us perform close up magic earlier in the event and then have everyone enjoy the cabaret show later into the evening.

Booking our cabaret show will guarantee your event stands out compared to any other party your guests have been to before. It truly brings out the WOW factor that everyone can't get enough of. Everyone will be laughing from beginning to end as they cheer and join in on the experience. Our award winning cabaret shows have been performed all across the world. Including Dubai, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Paris, New York, Sydney, Barcelona and Berlin.

Illusion Show

Our Mega Show is the perfect package to create a great event that all of your guests will congratulate you for, even if you don't want them to! In this amazing experience you will get to see non-stop grand illusions that are out of this world. Imagine watching a young assistant flatterned like a pancake in front of your very eyes! Or prepare to be blown away as two people change places in less than a second. This mind-blowing package is suitable for any audience size.

If you have concerns about not having the space or the budget for Slightly Unusual's Mega Show, don't worry because we have the next best thing. Our custom designed Smaller Show has the same feel as our Mega Show without the Grand Illusions. This package will fit into most performance spaces and even features our signature routine 'Heads Off' where you get to see a girl's head being removed with no cover whatsoever.


Do you have your wedding approaching soon and want to make sure your guests are entertained? You need a wedding magician for your special day. At Slightly Unusual we provide magicians for weddings all across the country. It's a great way to keep the energy up in the venue and keeps everyone entertained.

Magic is a perfect way to break the ice between your guests. Families & friends from both sides of the Bride and Groom might not know each other. We're experts at bringing people together and create conversations that will last throughout the whole wedding. Slightly Unusual add the WOW Factor. Your guests will remember the memories and experiences that are created throughout the day and into the evening. Having a Slightly Unusual wedding magician will make your special day perfect!

If you have a photographer at your wedding their job is to capture amazing photos. When people watch Slightly Unusual perform their reactions say it all and your photographer can capture these reactions for you to look back on forever.

Secure Magicians For Hire Today

It goes without saying how busy 2022 is going to be for us. We want to provide the best experience for your corporate party. If you are ready to secure one of our amazing magicians, all you need to do is fill in an enquiry form using the banner below. Or call us directly on 0333 301 3001. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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