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How To Make Your Christmas Party Entertainment Fun

If you are reading this here there is a very good chance you are planning a Christmas Party. We perform at hundreds of Christmas Parties every year. Everything from small family gatherings to massive large scale corporate events. There is one thing that all of these have in common... THE PERSON PLANNING THE CHRISTMAS PARTY WANTS IT TO BR A MASSIVE SUCCESS!

Let’s be honest, being an event planner is a thankless job. It takes weeks, sometimes months to plan a successful event. If it goes well you don’t really get any praise. It’s to be accepted. On the other hand if the event doesn’t go as well as expected then people will come down on you like a tonne of bricks. So you really need to make sure everything is perfect.

How To Make Your Christmas Party Entertainment Fun

So the question is how do you make sure that the Christmas party you are planning is going to be successful? There are obviously certain things you have to ensure. You have to make sure everything fits to the budget you have been allocated. You have to ensure that the venue you have booked is fit for purpose. You have to make sure the food is nice. You have to make sure it’s well decorated and the decor fits the theme. However, there is one more important point that a lot of people forget.

The success or failure of an event like a Christmas Party has to have the WOW Factor. You want the employees and guests to be talking about it the next day, the next week and the next month. A lot of the time the way to make an event memorable is by focusing on the entertainment.

You see when it’s all said and done guests won’t remember the colour of the chair covers, they probably won’t remember the food, they definitely won’t remember the selection of sweets on the sweet cart. They will remember the memories and experiences that are created throughout the event and into the evening. And entertainment has a big part to play.

The key thing to remember is that entertainment has to be unique and different. Think about every event you have been to. The ones that stand out are the ones where something different was happening. Something that went against the norm. The entertainment has to be unique.

You can’t roll out the same band five years in a row and expect people to be excited. You need the WOW Factor. You need something different to what you have booked before.

If you have booked a singer then consider booking a band.

If you have booked a three piece band try and book a five piece band.

If you have never had a magician at your event before consider booking a magician.

Obviously we are a company that supplies magicians to events. We are going to be biassed. Magic is a really interactive experience and something that ticks all the boxes. It creates the WOW Factor, it’s interactive and most importantly people love watching magic.

Just watch this reaction from a recent gig we did! Honestly, where else can you get these reactions like this! 👇


If you take one thing from this blog, understand that Christmas parties need to be fun. They need the WOW Factor. And they need to be interactive. Check out some of our videos. In fact look at this video embedded below! Wouldn’t you want your guests to react like this?

Thanks for reading. If you want more advice about your Christmas party then don’t hesitate to contact us. We can give you some advice and a no obligation consultation.


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