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The Number One Thing You NEED To Ensure When Booking A Magician

So you have an event and you’ve decided you need a magician. That’s a really good decision.

Now you need to decide which magician to book. After all there are A LOT of magicians. Hell, you might be reading this and actually trying to decide which magician to book right now.

There are a lot of factors to consider. In fact we have wrote a blog about these different factors which you can read by CLICKING HERE.

However there is one thing you need to make sure of when booking a magician. One

thing you need to make sure they have else warning bells should ring.

They need to be able to send you at least one video.

a slightly unusual magician performs close up magic at a private party event

Magic is a visual medium. If a picture speaks a thousand words then a video speaks a million. If you are planning on booking a magician you need to see at least one video of them in action. If there are no video on social media or their website or they cannot send you something then they are hiding something.

In the old days (yes, I feel old!) creating a showreel was a very expensive process. It took time and money and effort. A lot of magicians couldn’t justify the money it would cost to put a high quality showreel together. However in this day and age that is not the case. You can create a showreel yourself, using something simple like iMovie. And even if you choose to hire a professional it doesn’t cost a fortune.

However, even if there is some reason why a magician hasn’t got a showreel there is no reason why they shouldn’t have some sort of video to show you. These days you can record good quality video footage with nothing more than a smart phone. Then with a couple of clicks of a button you can upload it directly to Facebook or YouTube. This video can then be shared to anyone and everyone. The video can be embedded into a website, shared on social media or even emailed to a prospective client.

We have over 500 videos on our YouTube Channel. Many people contact us because they have seen these videos and want to book us directly. It’s not hard to upload videos. Worse case scenario a magician can even record a video by setting up a camera and performing direct to the camera. At these it would give the prospective client an idea of the type of magic a performer would do.

So what excuse is there to not provide a prospective customer with a video? More to the point what is the reason for not having multiple videos on a website or social media channel?

The answer to both these questions is - there is no reason. No reason at all.

So if you are planning on booking a magician make sure there are lots of videos. If there aren’t lots of videos ask for them to be provided. If the magician in questions can’t provide you with any video of their act I would advise you to run a mile and look elsewhere.

If you would like to see any of the Slightly Unusual team in action CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE. And that’s just the start! Check out our You Tube Channel by CLICKING HERE. There are more videos than you could ever watch.

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