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The Magic Of Team Building With Slightly Unusual

Are you ready to unlock the power of teamwork and experience the thrill of mastering illusions? At Slightly Unusual, we have crafted a unique and captivating team building experience that combines the art of magic with collaborative exercises. Picture your entire team coming together to learn a series of illusions and then showcasing their newfound skills in a friendly 'magic-off' competition. Get ready to witness the magic of collaboration and unleash the potential within your team!

The Show That Ignites The Spark

To kickstart your team building event, we begin with a mesmerising performance from our award-winning illusion show. Described by Stage Magazine as "The Variety/Speciality find of the decade," our show blends Las Vegas-style illusions with side-splitting comedy, creating an unforgettable experience for your team. As they watch in awe, the excitement builds, setting the stage for a truly magical team building journey.

Unveiling The Secrets

Following the show, the real magic begins as your team dives into the world of magic and illusions. Our expert magicians will guide them through a series of hands-on activities, teaching them the secrets behind mind-bending tricks and illusions. With patience, practice, and a sprinkle of magic, your team members will develop their skills, honing their dexterity and showmanship. As they unravel the secrets, a sense of camaraderie and shared achievement will strengthen the bond within your team.

Showcasing The Magic Touch

As the team building session draws to a close, it's time for your team members to step into the spotlight and showcase their newfound magic skills. In a supportive and encouraging environment, they will take turns performing their illusions in front of their colleagues. Cheers and applause fill the room as each individual shines, demonstrating their growth and newfound confidence. Who will have the magic touch? The anticipation builds, creating an electric atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie.

Customised Magic For Your Objectives

At Slightly Unusual, we understand that every team building event is unique, with specific objectives and messages to convey. That's why we offer the flexibility to customise our team building exercises to align with your goals. Whether you want to reinforce a particular message, enhance communication and collaboration, or simply provide a memorable and engaging experience, our team will work closely with you to tailor the activities to your needs. Together, we'll create a magical environment that aligns with your objectives and leaves a lasting impact on your team.


Unleash the power of teamwork with Slightly Unusual's magical team building experience. From witnessing awe-inspiring illusions to learning the secrets behind the tricks, your team will embark on a transformative journey of collaboration, growth, and shared achievement. The magic of teamwork will come alive as your colleagues support and cheer each other on during the 'magic-off' finale. With customised exercises to suit your objectives, we ensure that your team building event is not only magical but also aligns with your specific goals. Get ready to create unforgettable memories, strengthen bonds, and unlock the true potential within your team. Let the magic of team building begin!


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