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The Value Of Hiring A Close Up Magician | Corporate Entertainment 2021

Hiring a close up magician to your upcoming event can make the difference between a successful event and a failed one. Slightly Unusual can tell you from experience that having magic at your event has helped companies bring out their full potential. We've worked with thousands of corporate clients who have nothing but praise for our services.

The Value Of Hiring A Close Up Magician | Corporate Entertainment 2021

You might be wondering how you can achieve success with a magician performing close up. If you have a private event coming up soon and you're contemplating whether or not to hire a close up magician, today's blog will offer some great advice on hiring magic entertainment value.

The Experience Is Memorable

It's easy for anyone to sit down and listen to a band or an act. The interaction doesn't feel personal unless you're on stage. The great part of a corporate magician is they can walk around and mingle with your guests throughout the event. No one has to sit around and wait for the event to end. Everyone is captivated towards the entertainment and wants to be part of the magical experience. Small groups turn into larger crowds, creating a memorable experience for everyone.

Captivate Everyone's Attention

The number 1 rule of a magician is to entertain your guests and leave a brilliant impression that everyone will remember throughout the duration of the event. Corporate events can be quite dry and sometimes uncomfortable for some guests. Not everyone knows each other, even if they work within the same company. Having a magician will catch everyone's attention and get them out of that work-related mode they're stuck in. Everyone can relax and have a brilliant time amongst themselves.

Get Everyone Talking

Imagine you're walking around the event and all you can hear is someone saying, "How did that guy pull a card out of his show?" Seeing magic performed close up not only gets all of your guests talking, but they will want to stay around longer and find out how this was achieved. It's the best form of icebreaker between guests. Everyone just has an urge to talk about what they witnessed as well as compare their experiences and discuss your event. It's the perfect way to create a collaborative experience for your guests.

Inspiration For Everyone

Magic is more than entertainment. It has the ability to inspire and teach us all to treat a situation differently. Watching a magician perform impossible feats is intriguing and brings everyone together, regardless of their title or states within a company. It's inspiring to everyone who has never witnessed live magic in person before.

Everyone Wants More

The fact of the matter is a close up magician brings more value to your event then you could possibly imagine. They will involve everyone attending and make each guest feel important to the performance. Everyone will appreciate the endless hours of fun and give them an experience that will never be forgotten.

If you're interested in discovering how your event will go with Slightly Unusual, contact us and we'll happily talk you through the experience. You can send in an enquiry form through the banner below and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation & quote. Or you can call our head office directly on 0333 301 3001. We look forward to your call soon.


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