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What To Consider When Booking Your Wedding Entertainment | Magicians For Weddings 2021

You have decided to go ahead and secure a close up magician to entertain your guests on the day of your wedding. That is a brilliant decision you have made. As you may know with Slightly Unusual, we have provided thousands of magicians for weddings all across the country. Our clients were very pleased with our services and booked us again on a regular basis.

What To Consider When Booking Your Wedding Entertainment | Magicians For Weddings 2021

We're going to take this time to break down what you need to consider when looking to secure your wedding entertainment. With the pandemic restrictions set to ease within a couple of weeks, now is the time to consider your wedding plans without worrying over any restrictions in place.

Do Your Research

There are thousands of entertainment companies out there. Some of them are national companies like us whereas others are one man bands. The most important thing for you to remember is making sure you secure the best there is available. Do your research and find out what your entertainment is all about. You should check out their history, what they specialise in, read customer reviews and check if they are a legitimate company.

Check If They Are Available

National companies are contacted weeks in advance to have their services secured. At Slightly Unusual we have clients booking us for Christmas events already as well as into the beginning of next year. The problem with one-man bands is because they operate alone, they don't have someone to replace them if they suddenly become unavailable. We have spoken to clients in the past who have been let down by another entertainment company and want to secure us our short notice. That's why we encourage everyone to secure a national company like us.

Working With Your Venues

Experienced wedding magicians are more likely to have built up a close working relationship with your chosen venue in the past. That means they'll be able to work more closely with the venue staff to coordinate when they should start performing. This will make sure there's no interference with your other activities and ensures your special day runs smoothly.

Adapting To The Situations

An important aspect is to find out if your magician can adapt to any situation. If your wedding is being hosted outdoors, chances are rain is always a possibility. While a band would have to instantly close up shop to avoid damaging their equipment, an experienced close up magician can adapt on the spot and continue to make the best of the unfortunate circumstances by continuing to entertain your guests.

Give Yourself That Peace Of Mind Now

Securing your wedding entertainment now will give you that peace of mind, knowing there will be an amazing experience to look forward to. We have provided magicians for weddings many times with nothing but positive feedback to receive afterwards. It's easily the best decision you can make. We'll put on a show like no other and leave everyone wanting more. Send us an enquiry form through the banner below or call us directly on 0333 301 3001 for a no obligation consultation & quote.


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