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Why is it important to love the profession you’re in?

When it comes to being in work and choosing a career, you need to love the profession you choose. Your profession is extremely important and here below we’ll highlight the reasons why it is important to love it!

You need to have passion

You need to be passionate about the work you are in due to your work performance. How can you do a job that you do not really have much interest in? Chances are you will become bored, tired, unproductive and stressed if you are not doing the work that you love. Of course every job has its good side and it’s not so glamorous side but being comfortable in a job means being able to balance them both in order to be able to do well in your job.

Get through the ‘not so bright side’

If you love the majority of your job then you are more likely to be able to manage the times where the job may prove stressful or dull. If you do not enjoy your job then every small thing will transform into a massive unbearable task.

Push yourself

If you are within a profession that you are happy in then you are more likely to want to push yourself further to be the best you can be and challenge yourself. To become more advanced in your job role, you need to be able to set good goals for yourself to achieve over a certain amount of time which will help you improve greatly.

This leads to ….

Possible promotion?

If you love the job and want to be more involved, you will rocket into your job, perform better and possibly be offered promotion (depending on the type of job).

Loving your profession can take time

Loving your profession can take time to find out exactly what you love. You can go through ups and downs in your job where some days you will love your job and some days you will hate your job.

Take your time to get there

If there is a profession that you really really love and you know you want to do then take your time to get there; work towards any qualifications you need or pay for any university or college fees. Overall, it really is worth waiting and saving for the profession you love which you may want to stay in for a long long time…

You will have a better relationship with your boss and colleagues

If you love what you’re doing then you are more likely to have a better relationship with your boss and colleagues due to having the same interests and passion. You can start conversations with them and get to know them a lot better than you would in a job you despised.

You won’t be falling out of bed at 6am in the morning

We all know that if you love your job you won’t be as bad as getting up in the morning. If you remember hitting the snooze button on the alarm every morning then you clearly aren’t getting far with loving your job so much you jump out of bed and sing a song in the morning!

When you are working towards a certain profession, take all of this in mind for reaching your profession that you will end up regretting it if you don’t. Remember there are many options for entering a job, not just university but college and apprenticeships. So get out there and get working towards your dream job!


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