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Why you shouldn’t book a magician for your wedding reception

You are probably thinking this is a very strange blog for a professional magician to write. Why would a magician not want you to book them for an event where magic is know to work really well? If you carry on reason I promise that all will become clear.

Magic has become very popular at Weddings, especially close up magic. Having a magician mingle between your wedding guests performing intimate miracles really adds the WOW Factor as well as creating conversations and bringing people together.

Normally at a wedding there are four popular times to book a magician. These are

1.) During the photos and the drinks reception

2.) During the wedding breakfast

3.) During the lull when the room is being turned around for the evening

4.) During the evening reception

Out of these four the most popular is during the drinks reception. Wedding photos generally only involve immediate family and everyone else is just standing around waiting to get fed. Magic is a great way to keep people entertained and engaged before the meal. CLICK HERE to see what packages we have to offer for your wedding!!

However if you are a fan of magic I strongly suggest that booking a magician at this point is a bad idea. Confused? Allow me to explain why.

photographer taking a picture of a happy bride in a white wedding dress and groom in black suit

The last two weddings I have performed at have been during the photos. Everyone has enjoyed the magic and everyone had a great time. However, the bride and groom didn’t get a chance to watch any magic. Firstly they were busy having their photos taken and then after this they were getting pulled in a million directions with guests wanting to congratulate them.

After both of these weddings I had basically the same email from both happy couples. These emails thanked me for attending the wedding, raves about how much people loved me and then said they wished they could find time to watch me themselves. They were disappointed they didn’t get a chance to see any magic.

At both of these weddings I tried my best to perform for the bride and groom but it was never appropriate. And that is the big problem with booking a magician to perform straight after the ceremony. A lot of the time you won’t get a chance to see any magic performed.

If you are a fan of magic this is an issue. If however you don’t like magic then it’s not a problem. I had a call a few months ago from a bride wanting to book Slightly Unusual for her wedding. However she said she hated magic and couldn’t care less if she watched it or not. She had seen us perform at her friends wedding and seen how amazed the guests were and she wanted her guests to have the same experience. So for her it’s not a problem not getting to see any magic herself. However for the majority of clients it would be an issue. I’ve not done any market research on this subject but I’m guessing most people that book a magician for their wedding actually like magic.

magician in a suit laughing and joking while performing a trick for a couple at an event

In my opinion of watching the magician perform is a deal breaker for you the book a magician during the wedding breakfast. During the wedding breakfast you will be sitting on the head table with your friends and family. All your guests will be on separate tables. It’s very easy at this point of a magician to go over to the head table and do a special performance that only you get to see. Everyone still gets to watch magic but you do as well. It’s a win, win situation.

So there you have it. Why you shouldn’t have a magician at your wedding (unless you book hem at the right time!). Obviously when you book your magician you need to be careful of cheap entertainers. CLICK HERE to read a blog about the dangers of hiring cheap entertainment. And CLICK HERE to read a blog on the best time to book a magician.

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