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The MAIN Reason You Need A Magician For Your Restaurant.

If you are reading this then we can only assume that you own or manage a restaurant. If that’s the case then the most important thing to take from this blog is that you NEED a magician for your restaurant.

Firstly you should know that over the years we have performed at thousands of restaurants. We have performed at pretty much much every restaurant chain you can imagine as well as literally dozens of Independent restaurants. We specialise in restaurant magic and are the market leader when it comes to restaurant magic.

A couple of years ago we wrote a blog about performing in restaurants. You can read this blog by CLICKING HERE. It’s very in depth and goes through about twenty different reasons restaurant magic is a good thing for your business. However, in this blog we highlight the single most important reason for hiring a restaurant magician.

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Now we realise this is a bold statement to make so let’s first give you a real example. Many years ago we started working with a restaurant manager called Andy Matthews; Andy ran a large restaurant in Birmingham. His goals was to take the quietest night of the week (a Thursday) and turn it into the busiest night of the week. He started using our services, We called Thursday nights ‘Magic Night’. It became very popular and customers would flock in to see more magic. After a few months Thursday night became his business week night. Here’s Andy himself talking about the impact he had on his business.

Check the video below to see his testimonial!


Now since filming this video Andy has moved on to another restaurant. However, he still brings us in on a regular basis because he knows the power of having a magician at his restaurant.

Let’s be honest the hospitality industry is a crowded place. There are now more restaurants than ever before, people have so many choices they can make when it comes to eating out. Plus with the increased popularity of apps like Uber Eats and Just Eat it has become very easy for customers to order in a wide variety of food. So the question becomes how does a restaurant owner or manager stand out from the crowd? How to they survive in this crowded market place?

The other thing you have to consider is that magic is more popular than ever before. With magicians regularly performing on TV and sell out theatre shows happening all around the UK the public are really wanting to see more magic. We actually wrote a blog about this recently, it was about all about the final of Britain’s Got Talent and how this proves magic is as popular as ever. You can read this blog by CLICKING HERE.


The best type of magic at a restaurant is a style of magic called Table Magic. This means we go from table to table. We perform at one table, then another, then another and spend a few minutes at a table before moving onto another one. It’s a great conversation starter and ice breaker and really gives people the WOW Factor. Plus watching magic happen close up is very interactive and entertaining. The magic happens right in front of peoples eyes and in many cases in their hands.

The great thing about table magic is that it’s unobtrusive. If there are people dining at the restaurant and they don’t want to see anything, they don’t have to. We can simply skip their table. This makes restaurant magic unique. For example, if a restaurant puts on a disco or a karaoke I have no choice but to watch - it takes over the whole restaurant.

Magic being performed with header saying 'The best type of magic at a restaurant is a style of magic called table magic'

Hiring a magician to perform at your restaurant will lead to increased customers. Most restaurants hire us on a residency basis. This means that we come every week or every fortnight and perform for 2 to 3 hours. The night you choose will very quickly become known as magic night. As people find out that there is a magician they will come back regularly to watch. We have even had customers call their friends while we are performing to tell them to come in to see the magic.

The bottom line is you need to do something to differentiate between your competition. What makes your average customer choose you over someone else. It’s dangerous competing on price as there is always someone cheaper. But if you offer something people want to see that works. There are very few places to watch magic live. So if your venue is offering weekly live performances then you stand out. It’s simple really!

magician performs close up table magic for celebrity and footballer Joe Hart and his wife.


The other thing to consider is that Slightly Unusual are bigger than your average magician. We perform at thousands of events every year and have a huge following on social media. When we work with a restaurant our goal is to promote you on our social media channels to make sure more customers find out about you. Our dedicated digital marketing department will ensure that you are receiving maximum exposure on an ongoing basis.

Finally, you might want to see the type of magic we can do. We wrote a blog recently about the top five magic tricks to perform at a wedding. To be honest these tricks work brilliantly in a restaurant environment as well. You can read this blog by CLICKING HERE. Have a look and more importantly watch the videos of the tricks we do. You’ll be able to see how good we are!

So there you have it! Our advice would be to call us and have a consultation with us. Our prices for restaurants are very competitive and it’s almost impossible to not hire us! We can find out about your restaurant and offer you some advice. We always suggest to restaurant clients to try us for one night. And on that night watch your customers faces and listen to their feedback. You will be blown away - promise!

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